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Anime Saimoe Tournament 2007, or in short Saimoe 2007, is an anime popularity contest that took place in 2007. The main tournament lasted from August 8 to November 3 of 2007. The winner of Saimoe 2007 is Rika Furude, and the runner up is Nagi Sanzenin.

Finals BracketEdit

Winner Rika Furude
Final 1499 1521
Nagi Sanzenin Rika Furude
Semifinals 1209 1301 1372 1367
Rena Ryuuguu Nagi Sanzenin Rika Furude Shinku
Quarterfinals 1474 1436 1272 1334 1473 1191 1697 1639
Rena Ryuuguu Nanoha Takamachi Konata Izumi Nagi Sanzenin Rika Furude Louise Vallière Shinku Tsukasa Hiiragi




  • To qualify, a character must be female and appear in anime 06/28/2007.
  • Non-humans that are female-like are not allowed.
  • Fan-made productions are not allowed.
  • Characters from 18+ anime are not allowed.


  • First Preliminaries: All characters are split into 18 groups.
    • Top 12 of each group (216 total) advances to the first round directly.
    • Characters ranked 13th to 40th of each group advances to second preliminaries.
  • Second Preliminaries: All characters are shuffled and split into 7 groups.
    • Top 24 of each group (168 total) advances to the first round.
  • All tied characters move on the next round, if applicable.

Main TournamentEdit

  • All characters are shuffled and split into 8 blocks (A-H) of 48.
  • Within each block, 48 characters are split into 12 groups of 4.
  • Round 1: Winner of each group of 4 advances. (384 -> 96)
    • Winners of Round 1 form groups of 3.
  • Round 2: Winner of each group of 3 advances. (96 -> 32)
    • From here on, matches will consist of pairs.
  • Round 3: Winner of each pair advances. (32 -> 16)
  • Block Finals: Winner of each pair advances. (16 -> 8)
  • The remaining 8 characters undergo single-elimination as shown above.

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