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Anime Saimoe Tournament 2005, or in short Saimoe 2005, is an anime popularity contest that took place in 2005. The main tournament lasted from August 23 to November 13 of 2005. The winner of Saimoe 2005 is Nanoha Takamachi, and the runner up is Souseiseki.

Finals BracketEdit

Winner Nanoha Takamachi
Final 952 1087
Souseiseki Nanoha Takamachi
Semifinals 712 694 962 845
Souseiseki Rei Mii Nanoha Takamachi Shinku
Quarterfinals 908 757 550 610 451 619 697 976
Souseiseki Natsuki Kuga Shizuru Fujino Rei Mii Kannabi no Mikoto Nanoha Takamachi Seina Katsura


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