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Anime Saimoe Tournament 2003, or in short Saimoe 2003, is an anime popularity contest that took place in 2003. The main tournament lasted from April 20 to June 29 of 2003. The winner of Saimoe 2003 is Riku Harada, and the runner up is Motoko Hara.

Finals BracketEdit

Winner Riku Harada
Final 147 161
Motoko Hara Riku Harada
Semifinals 143 160 85 95
Éclair Motoko Hara Hiyono Yuizaki Riku Harada
Quarterfinals 87 155 116 110 152 122 105 110
Sora Naegino Éclair Motoko Hara Arashi Shinozuka Hiyono Yuizaki Kiku #8 Mikaze Honjou Riku Harada


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