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Eri Kitamura
Eri kitamura seiyuu
Kanji 喜多村 英梨
Birthname 岡村 英梨 (Eri Okamura)
Gender F
Born August 16, 1987
Origin Tokyo, Japan
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Roles in SaimoeEdit

Other Notable RolesEdit

Anime-Related SongsEdit

  • Mirai e Go - Seto no Hanayome OVA ED
  • Pre-Parade - Toradora! OP
  • Orange - Toradora! ED
  • Holy Night Toradora! IS
  • SOMEONE ELSE - Working!! OP
  • and I'm Home - Puella Magi Madoka Magica CS & ED
  • Be Starters! - Mayo Chiki! OP
  • Kimi ni Gohoushi - Mayo Chiki! ED
  • Shirushi - C³ OP
  • Hana - C³ ED

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