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The Quarterfinals of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010 marks the first time in the tournament that the characters are engaged in one-on-one competition. The eight winners of their respective blocks were drawn randomly. There are four returning quarterfinalists in this year's draw: Shana (2006), Nagi Sanzenin (2007) Koromo Amae (2009), and Nodoka Haramura (2009).

Saimoe 2010 Best Eight


Quarterfinal 1: Nagi Sanzenin >Mafuyu Shiina (721-531) - Match Graph

Quarterfinal 2: Koromo Amae > Ruiko Saten (931-825) - Match Graph

Quarterfinal 3: Nodoka Haramura > Shana (946-890) - Match Graph

Quarterfinal 4: Azusa Nakano > Aoi Yamada (961-627) - Match Graph

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