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Ami Koshimizu
Kanji 小清水 亜美
Birthname 小清水 亜美
Nickname Hitoshizuku
Gender F
Born February 15, 1986
Origin Kokubunji, Tokyo Prefecture Japan.
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Roles in SaimoeEdit

Other Notable RolesEdit

Anime Related SongsEdit


  • Sailing to the Future, released March 28, 2007.
    1. Sailing to the Future
    2. Rise
    3. Sailing to the Future (Instrumental)
    4. Rise (Instrumental)
    5. Pure Mind: Rune Mist Edition

Ami Koshimizu AlbumsEdit

  • Natural, released March 22, 2006.
    2. CREAM
    3. ココロの深いトコロ
    4. scene11
    5. この恋は忘れない
    6. 約束
    7. MESSAGE
    8. Present
    10. dear friend♡
    11. SAKURA Fallen

Ami Koshimizu OtherEdit

  • My-Otome Zwei Volume 2 Special Package CD New Theme Song - storm / Nina Wáng (Ami Koshimizu), released February 23, 2007.
    1. storm
    2. storm (off vocal)
    3. Nina & Mai Tokiha's Girlish "My-Otome Zwei Volume 2" Impressions With a Lot of Talking Special!!


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Official site (Japanese)

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